Tutu & tuxedo jacket on Flickr.

Pose: HelaMiyo Harajuku
maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kusanagi/240/215/594 marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HelaMiyo-Poses-Harajuku/4236956 Fan: Digital Eyes * Mesh Animated Fan * Dark Olive
maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kusanagi/211/235/582 marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Digital-Eyes-Mesh-Animated-F…

Alien abduction on Flickr.

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Nooooo! I’m not really a cow!
HelaMiyo :: Alien abduction gift: slurl.com/secondlife/JuicyBomb/60/6/25
Intrigue Cow outfit: slurl.com/secondlife/Meow/11/221/41
Picture taken at Breedabulls: slurl.com/secondlife/Faunia/228/180/822

Geometry on Flickr.

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Pose: HelaMiyo Geometry slurl.com/secondlife/JuicyBomb/60/6/25
Picture dedicated to Catty Loon

Art Screamer on Flickr.

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Pose: HelaMiyo High Fashion slurl.com/secondlife/JuicyBomb/60/6/25
Picture taken at Art Screamer -not edited, windlight settings and inworld frame hud
Full credits: helamiyo.blogspot.com/2012/02/art-screamer.html

Mesh Cargo on Flickr.

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HelaMiyo Poses Jump 3
Credits and story: helamiyo.blogspot.com/2012/02/meshhhhh.html

Express yourself on Flickr.

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Pose: HelaMiyo Express yourself slurl.com/secondlife/JuicyBomb/60/6/25

HelaMiyo 20000 visitors soon on Flickr.

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The 20.000th visitor at HelaMiyo can pick up 5 items of his choice, including the poses, prefabs or shapes (male and female).
We’re at 19859 at the moment of this post…

Shhhh… follow me on Flickr.

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Favole Poster - Miyoko Magic

HelaMiyo Poses :: Ankles action 3
Body and sleeves: ::{Favole}:: Lucretia
Wings ::{Favole}:: Fallen
Hooves ::{Favole}:: Temperance

Blogged: helamiyo.blogspot.com/2011/11/shhhh-follow-me.html

1 cat and 2 dolls on Flickr.

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HelaMiyo Puppet poses: slurl.com/secondlife/JuicyBomb/60/6/25
with Angel the cat, Themis Enzo and Miyoko Magic
Blogged: helamiyo.blogspot.com/2011/11/1-cat-and-2-dolls.html

I love the Bloody Beetroots on Flickr.

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Pose: HelaMiyo
Hair and fan: Digital Eyes slurl.com/secondlife/Kusanagi/250/220/573
Picture taken at Venexia slurl.com/secondlife/Venexia/40/245/609

I heard a noise on Flickr.

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Pose: HelaMiyo Wrist action slurl.com/secondlife/JuicyBomb/60/6/25